SPF/DB - Sandwich Parts

Integral Construction by Superplastic Forming with Diffusion Bonding

We develop and produce complex sheet-metal parts on our SPF/DB hot- press to high quality standards derived from aerospace industry: an ideal basis for economic development and cost effective small run production. By using our advanced SPF/DB-technology!

We enable our customers to use completely new and innovative solutions:

  • volume objects with part integration of highest complexity,
  • greater design freedom and,
  • more economical production.

SPF/DB: a method for economic manufacture of three-dimensional objects and sandwich structures

Technology: A separating agent is placed on defined areas between titanium sheets. Temperature of over 900 °C and gas pressure are applied, the unmasked areas are bonded by DB. The flat sandwich is inflated - integrated webs are formed by SPF.

SPF/DB - Parts

  • Integrated reinforced parts using sandwich technology
  • Extended design freedom for titanium alloys
  • Integral construction with high strain forming
  • Integrated SPF/DB-process reduces production steps