SPF - Superplastic Forming

Complex Design by Superplastic Forming

The development of superplastic forming is closely combined to the technical progress and the high quality demand of aerospace manufacture.
Years of experience are the guarantee to develop the most econonical operation along with the optimized technical solution.
With our laboratory hot press and our successful tooling concept we verify

the process and are able to produce in small batches.
Our advanced SPF-technology allows new and innovative solutions for sophisticated customer requirements:

  • volume oriented objects with highest complexity made from high strength alloys

SPF: a method for economic manufacture of thinwalled three dimensional structures

SPF-Technology: extreme high yielding is the characteristic of superplastic forming. Titanium reaches this condition in a hot press when heated up to 900 °C. With application of comparatively low gas pressure, the material forms over the shape of the forming die.

Extremely thinwalled but rigid design is possible. Our process is governed by specifically developped SPF-parameters and an advanced tooling concept. This method allows us to adjust the panel thickness as required.

SPF = Superplastic Forming


50% Forming

100% Forming

SPF - Parts

Hot forming for high stregth aluminium-, titanium- and steel alloys

Extended design freedom in construction and design

Integral construction with high strain forming

More savings through reduced tooling cost and less material consumption

Savings through: higher part integration, reduced material thickness and more economical processes